Chat and your Vanilla Blog account


We have a chat system on Vanilla's Woozworld Blog Wiki so you can talk all about Woozworld and everything. I am Chat Moderator and I will be checking on chat everyday, so please NO:

  • Inappropiate words
  • Racist comments
  • Threats
  • Bullying on chat
  • Personal information

Stay safe and have fun on Chat!

  • Go to "On the Wiki" next to the "Vanilla Cream Woozworld Wiki" and you will see the Chat button next to "Photos" button.

*Vanilla Blog Account*

Sign up for my blog and have an account so you can get all the latest information about ME before I post on Woozworld! You can also use your Vanilla Blog account to send your pals messages, make your own blog posts, talk on Chat with other people and MORE! When you sign up, Wikia will send you a message to your e-mail to confirm your account, and then you can have a BLAST on my Wiki! If you have forgotten your password, Wikia will send you a message to your e-mail so you can change it again. PLEASE do not tell your personal information to other people on the Blog.

Welcome to the Vanilla Cream Woozworld Wiki

Hello! This is the official Wiki blog for Vanilla-Cream on Woozworld! Stay safe Woozens, and there will be lots of contests and blog posts! :)

Wanna be a member of the Bunny Team? Send me a message WHY you want to be a Bunny Member, and get YOUR profile on my Hot Friends! You need a bunny head to have this membership. This membership is for infinity, so don't worry about paying.

Need help?

Need help? Post a message on my Wall and I'll answer something.

Here's the link to my Wall:


Woozworld account: Vanilla-Cream

Woozworld YouTube channel: HD WoozVideos

Moshi Monsters account: theroyalpoppet

Moshi Monsters YouTube channel: Moshi Poppet

Facebook 1 - KPop Lyrics

Facebook 2 - Moshi Poppet

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